Professional Quality.


AMI Manufacturing is supported by quality workmanship, and keen knowledge of mechanical, piping systems, within an 110,000 sq ft manufacturing facility, that houses machinery and methods unparalleled in our region.

Sheet Metal


Coil Line Rectangular Duct
Rectangular Fittings
Round & Oval Fittings
Spiral Duct Cut to Length
Roof Top Curbs
Welded Duct & Curbs
Architectural Sheet Metal
Plenum Walls

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Manufacturing Excellence by Design

Serving Northern California since 1974, our clients have come to rely upon our quality products and services for all their HVAC system needs.

Let us showcase our ability to fulfill your next mechanical project needs.

Experts in Transportation.


We have built significant capabilities to serve the transit industry. Our transit work includes major bus overhauls as well as the manufacturing of custom mobile HVAC systems for use in extreme environments and ambient conditions.

Customer Satisfaction


We strive to accommodate our clients large or small, providing superior fabricated products delivered on time, within budget.

Fabrication Facilities Production Capabilities:

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Coil Piping Assembles
Pre-Piped Chiller Skids
Pre-Piped Boiler Skids
Certified Welding
High Purity Orbital Welding
Grooved Piping Systems
Pre-Piped Cooling Tower Systems
Fabricated Steam Systems
Pumping Systems


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Fabricated Plumbing Wall Systems
Pre-Piped W/C Carrier Banks
Pre-Fab Plumbing Fixtures & Trim
Copper, Steel, Cast Iron - Piping Cuts to Length
Welding, Brazing, & Grooving Process
Process Piping Systems
Fabricated Food Grade Systems
Hanger Systems & Assembles
Fuel Oil Systems